How do we know we are losing weight?

How do we know we are losing weight?

Not always losing weight means dieting in the right way, there are ways that monitor weight loss and understand whether you are on the right track or not. For this reason, it is always advisable to do the weight loss process with medical supervision, below are some ways to know if you are losing weight in a healthy way or not.

Some of the most powerful transformations of body and health have little effect on the scales. For some people, having more quality of life means losing fat, for others, it is appropriate to gain weight. There are also those who want to exchange fat for lean mass or those who seek exercises only as a way to have more energy and motivation.

Losing weight is the same as eliminating body fat. Many restrictive diets end up eliminating liquids retained in the body and cause the total weight to fall quickly in the first days of the diet.

If you started on a diet and seven days later you lost three pounds, it could mean losing fluid or muscle mass, not necessarily fat. That is, you lost weight, yes, but did not lose weight. Therefore, the correct weight loss consists of a good disposition in your daily life, good physical conditioning when you are feeling stronger and healthier. You must be willing to maintain a balanced diet, good mood, good self-esteem, health education. circumference or weight maintenance.

Incorrect weight loss consists of you being in a bad mood and losing weight very fast, you change your mood suddenly, you have also had symptoms such as headaches and dizziness, and even sometimes you feel dizziness. These are some of the many factors or ways that influence weight loss or weight loss in a healthy and unhealthy way.

Therefore, for you to lose weight in a healthier way it is always important that a doctor or nutritionist follow you up, and in addition, understand your body and yours to do regarding the process of rapid weight loss.

Always being a little more careful on your part is extremely important for this process, as it brings with it responsibility for your own health.

Understand that losing a few pounds doesn’t always mean you or your body has lost fat. Sometimes it has been the loss of water and does not give fat and, it is noteworthy that weight loss refers to the loss of fat to burn the fibers in the body, first it releases fluids retained in the muscles.

Sometimes you lose fat and your weight on the scale and remain the same because your body can instead replace fatter cells with more rigid and full of fibers.

When you notice that your clothes are getting wider then you start to realize that you are losing weight, then you start with that satisfaction that you have been waiting for a long time and this is a positive change in your body and the clearest sign.

When you lose or start to lose weight through physical activities, stop, they are no longer and do not even seem difficult because you already have that good disposition to do physical exercises or even for others to do and this is a very positive sign in change because you incorporate new habits into your life.

You feel you have more energy, more life and feel more optimistic about the transformation of your body in the practice of physical activities. You notice that you have more muscular strength, you feel more strength in your abdomen, in your legs you feel less tired when it occurs, instead of breathing when you exercise. You start to have good breathing, so these are all signs that you are losing your weight in a correct and healthy way.

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